Aircraft Counter Weight

Aircraft Counterweight

Aircraft Counterweights, made of supreme quality tungsten alloy are used in several applications where high inertia forces are present. Owing to their high density and small volume, these tungsten counterweights are considered as a best material to be used in aircraft for eliminating the vibrations.

We offer quality aircraft counter weight which is constructed from top grade tungsten alloy. Owing to it's strong construction, it is used in applications which witness a high inertia force. Couple of salient features of this counterweight are small volume and high density. Manufactured by us with complete quality assurance, these dimensionally accurate tungsten counterweights are nearly the best material for eliminating vibrations in the aircraft. Our aircraft counterweight are used for maintaining the center of gravity of the aircraft, be it a rocket, plane or helicopter. The factor of 'heavy density' is crucial for keeping the counterweight small in contrast with the surface of airfoil steering.

Aircraft Counterweight's Features

  • Alloying tendency amidst the electrode and work-piece is LOW
  • Eco friendly and good resistance to high temperature
  • High level of tolerance and melting point
  • Quality finishing which helps in rust resistance
  • Quick & easy installation owing to simple and compact design along with light-weight attribute
  • Rust resistant, strong construction and accurate dimensions Dimensionally accurate
  • Steadiness property
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install
  • High level of melting point
  • Eco friendly and high temperature resistant capability

Aircraft Counterweight's Applications

  • In Traction Lifts like elevators, cranes, funfair rides, and others
  • In Rotating Systems Vibration Reductions owing to the imbalance of rotating assembly
  • In applications of high density and radiation shielding

Key Features:

  • Sturdy construction leading to excellence in toughness & strength
  • Easy installation because of the precise dimensions
  • Robustness & negligible maintenance
  • Rust resistance because of the superior polish quality polishes
  • Apt for usage in radiation shielding and high density applications
  • Low alloying tendency between work-piece and electrode
  • Widespread applications in traction lifts like funfair rides, elevators, cranes and many others
  • Applied in rotating systems vibration reductions due to rotating assembly imbalance
  • Compact, light-weight and easy design for quick installation
  • High tolerance and strong construction