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Tungsten Carbide Applications

A wide numbers of metals are used for deferent applications but nothing can possess the particular features of tungsten carbide. The metal is featured with carbon and tungsten that make it an alloy having different attributes like heat resistant, rust and scratches proof design. Carbide is a high density metal with unmatched hardness after diamond with excellent conductivity and strength. This can be easily molded into different shapes that can be easily sharpened with accuracy, and melded with other metals. Its scrap is also used for recycling. Given below are some valuable applications of the alloy:

Tungsten Carbide Applications

Around 17% of the metal is used to develop specialized alloys as well as composite materials containing other metals. Carbide can be easily combined with silver, nickel, iron, and copper to make materials for electronics, commercial construction applications, industrial gear, radiation shielding materials, aeronautical industry, etc.

Cemented Carbide

Cemented carbide is used for manufacturing drilling as well as mining tools for various construction applications. Around 65% of the marketplace goes into the making of drill bits, mining tips, and other mining and cutting tools. Tungsten carbide is used over stainless steel due to its unbelievable hardness and wear resistance features.
When carbide tips and bits last longer, they still should be periodically replaced. The recycling incentives are very productive that provides it with an advantage of using it in huge quantity. Carbide recycling facilities such as Carbide- USA pays top prices for scrap that keeps the production costs down and allows workers to employ the high quality tools day to day.

Mill Products

More than 10% tungsten carbide is utilized for the manufacturing of mill products like end mills, mill inserts, etc. in different sizes and shapes as per the material. The end products are used in grinding and milling applications. As carbide is very hard and easily molded, it is used to develop accessories for accurate milling applications to yield coarsely grinded materials or the finest powders.

Surgical Tools

Surgical tools have become one of the prime uses of carbide. The tip, blade, or end is designed from the carbide as they can be sharpened easily with much finer edge owing to hardness, pitting and rusting resistant features.


Today, tungsten carbide is gaining high popularity for creating jewelry. The hardness of the carbide makes it the best alloy to be use in crafting earrings, rings, pendants, and other jewelry items. When the metal is cut as well as polished correctly, it looks stunningly beautiful. Wedding as well as engagement rings of this metal are cheaper and attractive, hence getting highly famous.

Other Applications

Carbide is also widely used in varied other applications like tipping trekking, ski poles, manufacturing of fishing weights, cutting processes for recycling machines, etc.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Tungsten Heavy Alloy items are provided as machinable blanks and as precision machined parts to be used in different applications such as:

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Ballast Weight

Tungsten Heavy Alloy is highly superior when it comes to dimensional stability, durability, density as well as low toxicity. It is not affected by radioactivity or any high chemical reactivity of worn-out uranium.

Aircraft Inertial Masses and Counterbalance Weights

Tungsten Heavy Alloy is one of the preferred materials in the domain of aerospace for varied years as the counterbalance weight for rudders, ailerons, and elevator parts for rotary and fixed wing aircraft. It is machined to exact tolerances. It is available with a protective coating as per the needs of the clients.

Down hole well logging weights and casings

Well logging is used in the gas and oil industry for the categorization of wells and positioning of down hole equipment. It is an outstanding casing material for the purpose of down hole logging of gas and oil. Mechanical properties are noteworthy to the survivability of them rather large components.

Bucking Bars

Bucking bars of Tungsten Heavy Alloy are highly denser than steel, hence ensuring bucking bar of the similar weight but half of the size. They are used in setting of rivet to up the shank. They also reduce the recoil while reflecting the impact reverse to the shank of rivet.

Racing weights for chassis and skid plates

It is used by specialized racing teams in a diversity of racing forums for fine-tuning the chassis. It ensures 50% more weight of a given volume having the added advantages of straight attachment using threaded holes as well as the freedom from the deformation.

Boring Bars As Well As High Stiffness Tooling

The combined high elastic (Young's) modulus, high density and machine ability of the alloys make them perfect materials for boring bars as well as grinding quills with no chatter. High extension rations are achievable with high stiffness of the material. With high density, the range has become an effective inertial damping material of cutting with induced vibration. Grade HA170 or HA175 Tungsten alloy is most commonly used.

Sporting goods for golf clubs and firearms

Tungsten Heavy Alloy has maximum weight that can occupy the smallest space. Hence, it is used in golf clubs as well as tennis rackets that increases the spot size as well as adds to the stability while decreasing the vibration and shock for enhanced power and control. Balance fine tuning as well as inertial masses to move through the center of gravity.


Tungsten Heavy Alloy is used in high density fragmenting device as well as armor piercing ammunition round.

High Energy Radiation Protection

Applications like Collimators in the Medical Industry, Oil Well Logging Tools, Shielding Blocks, as well as Instrumentation along with Nuclear Equipment. This is an outstanding material to be used in Radiation Shielding. Grades HA180 as well as HA185 are the most popularly used metals for this application. They are excellent materials to be used in shielding and collimation applications owing to the combination of machine ability, radiographic density, strength, as well as low toxicity. It also offers greater protection level with equal thickness. In addition, it also resists deformation that helps it to be accurately fastened.

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